Episode 151 – Artificial Intelligence with Matthew Renze 1

We’re talking Artificial Intelligence with Matthew Renze!
Matthew is a data science consultant, author, and international public speaker. He has over 2 decades of professional experience working with tech startups to Fortune 500 companies. He is a graduate of Iowa State University with double degrees in Computer Science and Philosophy, with a minor in Economics, and a focus on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. His current focus is teaching others artificial intelligence, data science, and machine learning.

  • What is AI
  • Isnt this just another AI fad
  • General vs Narrow
  • What are the types of AI?
    • Data science
    • Machine learning
    • Deep learning
    • Reenforcement learning
  • Is this data about AI growth coming from humans or AI?
    • Are we already being influenced/controlled – All hail the basalisk!
  • What kinds of things will AI be doing/helping with
  • Are we all going to lose our jobs?
    • No, you’ll just have to know how to clean up the mess
  • Is my job at risk?
  • AI Career path
    • AI Trainer
    • AI Developer
    • AI User
  • Invest in AI
    • Education/Career
    • Assets
    • Economy
  • Ethical Issues
    • Facial Recognition
    • Bias
    • Transparency
  • What comes next?
    • Skynet






Artificial Intelligence: Preparing Your Career for AI
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