Episode 101 – Lessons Learned From 101 Words of Wisdom

What was NOT a theme anything Technical

Do What you are passionate about!
Always Be Learning
Work Hard, Don’t Stop.


Three Categories of Advice

Thinking of the advice like a function…
1. Input Parameters – What should you being doing to bring in good influence and inputs.
2. Function Body – How is a good developer composed? What are they doing?
3. Outputs – The results good developers are working towards?


Input Parameters

Community Involvement (second most frequent piece of advice)

– Networking
– Meetups
– Pair / Mob Programming
– Hack-a-thons
– Conferences

Learning Materials

– Podcasts (6FigureDev is a good one I hear!)
– Books (The right ones … ie non-technical)
– Blog Posts
– Conferences


Function Body

Find your passion (most noted piece of advice)

– Leverage interests to keep motivation

Hard Work

– Don’t stop, keep hustling
– Take small steps and iterate

Don’t Be Afraid of Failure

– Everyone struggles
– Learn from your failures
– Embrace the critism and learn from it

Focus on Learning What Does not Change

– How to Learn
– Development Principles
– Soft Skills … !important Communication
– Design / UX / User Experience



Personal Brand

– Git Hub
– Blog
– Linked In

Giving Back

– Mentorship
– Blog what you have learned


“Tempting Time” by Animals As Leaders used with permissions – All Rights Reserved


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