On many job postings or role definitions, a number of years of experience is often one of the many cited requirements for the position including, knowledge of languages, degrees and certifications. Why is that? In many ways it feels obvious, so obvious that most of us don’t ask the question: […]

Built to Contribute

Our employers, companies, and clients expect us to be professionals. They expect us to deliver quality products free of defects. How do we do that? Well, one way is to utilize code reviews. Code reviews are a way of getting a second set of eyes on the code. When a developer […]

Code Reviews are Required

Failure is not an option When Cortés landed in Mexico, the order he gave to his men was to burn the boats. They were either going to succeed or die trying. Likewise, Alexander the Great gave the same order when confronted with a superior Persian enemy. In both cases, with […]

Burn The Boats

Nothing is more constant in business than change. This is particularly true with software development. While it’s true you can probably find a corporate job where you do the same small tasks day in and day out for 23 years. If you’re a true professional, a software craftsman, you’re constantly […]

Consistency is Key