I’ve been approached by 2 different people in the last week looking for ideas on a new career. Both showed interest in web development, and wanted my insight into the .NET world. I’ve written before about how I got started, but a lot has changed since I entered the field. […]

How to get started in web development

Start early I started programming at a relatively young age. In 3rd grade we were given access to some Apple IIe computers. The curriculum mostly centered around outputting our names to the computer screen. Certainly nothing to write home about, but certainly fun for any 8 year old with limited […]

Advice to my younger self

My love of computers started at an early age. The magnet school program I was enrolled in for 4th and 5th grade had some Apple IIe computers. We were taught basic skills on the computer, including simple programs where we would print our names to the screen. My parents saw […]

How I Got Started