Episode 069 – iRel8 with Dion Gonzales & Jeff Dorchester

Dion Gonzales

I’m a successful entrepreneur and executive with a proven history of creating and delivering successful products and companies, domestically and internationally. Today, my passion is to make positive impact on mental wellness globally and Microsoft is seminal in achieving that goal! Previously I was the CEO and founder of Loyl.me and created one of the world’s first marketing automation platforms designed for merchants large and small. First launched in 2007, this data-driven platform provided quantifiable results on marketing ROI not previously attained with other technologies in the market; and, focused on intelligence, automation and easy integration into web, mobile and POS systems. Loyl.me grew to cover eighteen countries and is localized in six different languages. I’ve been fortunate to have founded three companies which have all been acquired and I now look to improve lives worldwide.

Jeff Dorchester

I’m experienced and successful designer, entrepreneur, and executive with decades of passion and innovation in the technology space. Today, I’m bringing in an emotional side of life in my new company iRel8, a new peer-to-peer social network for mental wellness. One day I had a crazy idea that I could help make a difference in people’s lives. Now I can say, “Welcome to iRel8!” Previously I co-founded Loyl.Me where I created a marketing automation and customer engagement platform designed for merchants of all sizes. We used data-driven science mixed with consumer psychology to deliver targeted messaging, offers, and more to consumers on behalf of our merchantws. In 2015, Loyl.Me was acquired and I went on to co-found a merchant payment processing company. After finding success building and launching that company, I parted ways and began focusing on a passion of mine which is helping people with technology I create.




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