Episode 031 – Learning a New Programming Language

Learning a new programming language, library, or technology

  • Learn a new language every year
    • Actually, I’m learning more in depth this year
    • Focusing on T shaped skills, going deep as I’ve gone broad
    • Keeping a cursory knowledge of newer stuffs, but focus on becoming an expert in a specific language or technology
  • Why bother?
    • Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t look around you might miss it
    • In the last hour 8 new JavaScript libraries were created, 5 were deprecated, and 2 were abandoned
  • Choosing a language
    • Business Value?
    • Marketability?
    • Fun?
    • Alternate Paradigm
    • look on GitHub
    • Solution in search of a problem (SignalR)
  • How to get started
    • Learn the basics
      • logical statements (if, unless)
      • looping statements (for, while, until, do, loop)
      • assignment statements (var, let, yada yada)
      • block statements (functions, classes)


Practical Test-Driven Development using C# 7

“Tempting Time” by Animals As Leaders used with permissions – All Rights Reserved


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A Microsoft MVP, John has been a professional developer since 1999. He has focused primarily on web technologies and has experience with everything from PHP to C# to ReactJS to SignalR. Clean code and professionalism are particularly important to him, as well as mentoring and teaching others what he has learned along the way.

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