Episode 180 – Felienne Hermans: The Programmer’s Brain 17

Felienne (/Fay-lee-nuh/) is a scientist working at Leiden University as an associate professor. Her book, “The Programmer’s Brain” is out now as an Manning Books Early Access Program.

Manning is offering listeners of The 6 Figure Developer Podcast a permanent 35% discount code (good for all our products in all formats) using this link: http://mng.bz/0mEW and code pod6figure21.

We’ll also be giving away 5 free eBook codes good for The Programmer’s Brain to those that leave comments below.

The Programmer’s Brain covers everything that programmers should know about how their brains work, to make their work more effective and emphatic. The book teaches techniques for speed reading code, understanding highly complex code and choosing better variable names.

– Lack of knowledge
– Lack of access to information
– Lack of processing power in the brain

Short-term/long-term memory

Practice – Forgetting curve

Cognitive load

Are there things we could do? Should do? Aren’t doing? Stop doing?








“Tempting Time” by Animals As Leaders used with permissions – All Rights Reserved

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