Episode 167 – Manage Cloud Cost with Omry Hay 1

Omry is Co-Founder and CTO at env0, the first self-service cloud management platform for infrastructure as code (IaC) architecture.






  1. Cost estimation open source by Anton Babenko – https://github.com/antonbabenko/terraform-cost-estimation
  2. Terratag, open source to CLI tool that enables users of Terraform to automatically create and maintain tags across their entire set of AWS, Azure, and GCP resources – https://github.com/env0/terratag
  3. Cloud nuke – an open source project by gruntwork.io to delete all resources in you AWS account – https://github.com/gruntwork-io/cloud-nuke
  4. The FinOps foundation, Collaborative, Real-Time Cloud Financial Management – https://www.finops.org/
  5. An Article about cloud waste – https://devops.com/the-cloud-is-booming-but-so-is-cloud-waste/
  6. Blog post about how IaC is forcing a revolution in cloud cost – https://www.env0.com/blog/infrastructure-as-codes-cost-management-revolution



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