Episode 130 – Progression Into DevOps 1


What is devops?

DevOps is the union of people, process, and technology to enable the continous delivery of value to customers

  • Key metrics for successful development

    • Throughput
      • Lead Time – from concept to deployed
      • Deployment Frequency – how frequent new code is deployed
    • Stability
      • Change Failure – how often a deployment breaks some thing
      • Time to Restore – how quickly to recover from broken (either fix or revert)
      • Availability – how often service is good and available to be consumed
  • Grouping Performers (4.5 groups)

    • Elite Performers
      • Deploy On Demand, lead time < 1hr, time to restore < 1hr, fail rate 0-15%
    • High Performers
      • Deploy 1hr > 1dy, lead time 1dy > 1wk, time to restore < 1dy, fail rate 0-15%
    • Medium Performers
      • Deploy 1wk > 1mth, lead time 1wk > 1mth, time to restore < 1dy, fail rate 0-15%
    • Low Performers
      • Deploy 1wk > 1mth, lead time 1mth > 6mth, time to restore 1wk < 1mth, fail rate 46-60%
      • Misguided Performers
        • like Low Performers but better fail rate 16-30%
        • have often achieved better results by going slower, but platues with increased friction
    • Elites vs Low,
      • 46x More Deployments, 7x Fewer Change Failures
      • Elites get to spend 50% on new work, low only 30%
      • Everyone spends 20% on unplanned work and rework
  • How to Improve

    • Understanding the 3 ways

      • The First Way: Systems Thinking, Work Flows Downstream
      • The Second Way: Amplify and Shorten Feedback Loop, Downstream info effects upstream work
      • The Third Way: Culture of Experimentation and Learning
    • The Technical Pracices of DevOps

      • Trunk-Based Development
      • Deployment Automation
      • Loosely Coupled Architecture
      • Continous Integration
      • Continous Testing
      • Monitoring & Observability
      • Managing Database Changes
      • Proactive & Reactive Integrated Security



MS Docs – What is DevOps?
The Pheonix Project & The Unicorn Project – Gene Kim
DevOps HandBook Gene Kim & Jez Humble
2019 State of DevOps Report – DORA & Google Services
2019 State of DevOps Report – Puppet, CircleCI and Splunk


“Tempting Time” by Animals As Leaders used with permissions – All Rights Reserved


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