Episode 123 – iOS Apprentice & Accordions w/ Joey deVilla 2

Joey landed his first programming job in the ’90s with a HyperCard (remember that?) resume and by going out for beer with the managers of the company where he wanted to work until they caved and hired him. Since then, he’s worked at a San Francisco startup during the dot-com bubble, done tech evangelism for Tucows, Microsoft, and Shopify, valiantly tried to make Windows Phone happen, and once had a very short stint as an accordion-playing go-go dancer at a Toronto nightclub. He’s currently a mobile developer at Lilypad. Joey lives, works, and engages in nincompoopery in Tampa, Florida, where he runs Tampa iOS Meetup (and helps out at the Android and Xamarin Meetups, too!), plays unlikely rock and pop tunes on his accordion, and generally does what he can to avoid becoming a “Florida Man” news story.






iOS Apprentice (Eighth Edition)
iOS 10 Programming for Beginners
Android Apprentice
Kotlin Apprentice
Android Test-Driven Development by Tutorials
Google Developers Group (Tampa)


“Tempting Time” by Animals As Leaders used with permissions – All Rights Reserved


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