What’s Your Potential

In every business there are two factors which are absolutely critical to long term success. Amazing secret is that every person, whether they believe it or not, no matter where they are, is perfectly equipped to contribute to one or both of these of these factors. Everyone!



Consistency is huge. Every legitimate business knows that long term success is based on the ability to continually reproduce the same or better quality results for their customers. Consistency is the foundation or backbone of every business. So where does consistency come from?

Consistency is born out of experience. It comes from those who have captured the right wisdom to make a good choice time and time again. Every experience has the opportunity to grow your ability to contribute to consistency. Look for it.



It is said that “necessity is the mother of invention.” I would rephrase that to say that innovation is necessity. We live and do business in a changing world. It is necessary that businesses find innovation simply to maintain relevancy or competitive edge. Where does innovation come from?

Unlike consistency, innovation is born completely out of inexperience. How could something be innovative and new if we already have experience doing it? No, the very nature of innovation means that all have equal opportunity to unearth something transformative. This means that no matter how little experience you think you have the possibility to produce something new. This quote sums it up,


 “Ideas are like cakes; every fully baked cake has to first go through the half backed state.”


Where this is really amazing, is understanding where consistency and innovation come from and applying the skills you have today to dramatically grow your ability to contribute in the future. Experiences that produce consistency may not come directly from the circumstances of the moment. Everyone has some set of experiences that mold their perspective. Who knows? Your perspective may be looking at a problem in a way that is often overlooked or has not been seen. Always use that wisdom to understand the problem and do your best to solve it. Share your perspective! Share your solution! Share your Ideas! Ideas that are shared appropriately only produce two possible outcomes.

  • You have the opportunity to glean new wisdom from others’ valuable experience, thus improving your ability to consistently produce quality results.
  • You spark new ideas that drive new success. You progress your team, your company and your community.

Either way, you can’t lose!


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