Jason is a game developer and writer who loves to teach others how to build their own games. He’s spent his career working on all types of games, but his real passion is in teaching others game development.   Links https://unity3d.college/ https://twitter.com/Unity3DCollege https://www.linkedin.com/in/jason-weimann-bab0984/ https://unity3d.college/2018/11/28/unit-testing-in-unity-testing-against-monobehaviors-using-mocks/   Transcript Jason Weimann: Hey, […]

Episode 079 – Unity Game Development w/ Jason Weimann

A few weeks ago I had to privilege to present at the St Pete .NET Meetup in St. Petersburg Florida. The topic I chose is an important and interesting topic, at least in my mind. The presentation was well received, so I thought I might post an article here for […]

Intro to Dependency Injection