Irina is a Software Architect, a Microsoft MVP, and .NET Group Community Lead at Endava. She’s also a Microsoft Certified Trainer and founder of dotnetdays Romania.   Links https://twitter.com/irina_scurtu https://irina.codes/ https://github.com/irinascurtu https://dev.to/irina_scurtu https://www.linkedin.com/in/irinascurtu/   Resources RESTful Web APIs   “Tempting Time” by Animals As Leaders used with permissions – […]

Episode 176 – REST APIs with Irina Scurtu

  Dave has been professionally developing software for almost two decades. He is passionate about open source, .NET, and the intersection of the two.   Links https://twitter.com/daveaglick https://daveaglick.com/   Resources https://statiq.dev/ https://discoverdot.net/ https://gohugo.io/ https://www.11ty.dev/   “Tempting Time” by Animals As Leaders used with permissions – All Rights Reserved × Subscribe […]

Episode 175 – Dave Glick: Statiq Sites and Open Source

  Principal Developer at Delegate. A Microsoft MVP & .NET Foundation member. Creator of the Blazor Testing Library #bUnit. Egil joins us to talk all about bUnit – a Testing Library for Blazor Components.   Links https://egilhansen.com/ https://github.com/egil https://twitter.com/egilhansen https://www.linkedin.com/in/egilhansen   Resources https://bunit.egilhansen.com/ https://github.com/egil/bUnit https://bunit.egilhansen.com/docs/getting-started/ https://www.telerik.com/blogs/unit-testing-blazor-components-bunit-justmock https://www.syncfusion.com/blogs/post/bunit-for-blazor-and-how-to-integrate-it-in-azure-pipeline.aspx https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/aspnet/core/blazor/test?view=aspnetcore-5.0 https://bunit.egilhansen.com/docs/getting-started/writing-razor-tests.html https://bunit.egilhansen.com/docs/getting-started/snapshottest-details.html […]

Episode 173 – bUnit: A Blazor Testing Lib w/ Egil ...

  Rob is a software craftsman building web properties in ASP.NET and Node, React and Vue. He’s a Microsoft MVP, published author, frequent speaker at conferences, user groups, and community events, and a diligent teacher and student of high quality software development.   Links https://robrich.org/ https://github.com/robrich/ https://twitter.com/rob_rich https://www.linkedin.com/in/erobrich/   “Tempting […]

Episode 172 – Rob Richardson: .NET 5, Pipelines, & Testing

  Jeremy is an enthusiastic developer with over 10 years of development experience. He’s also part of the #WindowsInsiders community and a Windows Insider MVP.   Links https://sinclairinat0r.com/ https://twitter.com/sinclairinat0r https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeremy-sinclair-39b6256/ https://insider.windows.com/fr-fr/mvps/jeremy-sinclair   Resources https://dotnetfoundation.org/ https://twitter.com/windowsinsider https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/archive/msdn-magazine/2012/august/clr-net-development-for-arm-processors   Sponsor This episode is brought to you by Talk Python Training. The 6 […]

Episode 171 – Jeremy Sinclair: Win Insider, .NET on ARM

  Shaun Walker is the original creator of Oqtane and DotNetNuke, web application frameworks which have the earned the recognition of being among the largest, most successful, pioneering Open Source projects native to the Microsoft platform. He has 25+ years professional experience in architecting and implementing enterprise software solutions for […]

Episode 168 – Oqtane and OSS with Shaun Walker