Carl Franklin is Executive Vice President of App vNext, a software development firm focused on modern methodologies and technologies. Carl is a 20+ year veteran of the software industry, co-host and founder of .NET Rocks!, the first and most widely listened to podcast for .NET developers, a Microsoft MVP […]

Episode 192 – Blazor with Carl Franklin

  Sean is a Microsoft MVP, ASP Insider, Technical Reviewer, and Cloud Architect at TokenEx.   Links https://twitter.com/codewithseanw https://www.seanwhitesell.com/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/sean-whitesell/ https://www.twitch.tv/codewithsean https://github.com/seanw122   Resources https://github.com/pact-foundation/pact-net Microservices Patterns Fundamentals of Software Architecture   “Tempting Time” by Animals As Leaders used with permissions – All Rights Reserved × Subscribe now! Never miss […]

Episode 190 – Microservices with Sean Whitesell

  Vaughn Vernon is an entrepreneur, software developer, and architect with more than 35 years of experience in a broad range of business domains. Vaughn is a leading expert in Domain-Driven Design and Reactive, and champions simplicity. He consults and teaches around Domain-Driven Design and Reactive software development, helping teams […]

Episode 189 – Reactive DDD with Vaughn Vernon

  Kelsey is a seven figure developer and Principle Engineer for Google Cloud. On this episode we discuss the latest with GitOps, what it is and how it can help your organization.   Links https://twitter.com/kelseyhightower https://github.com/kelseyhightower   Resources https://www.weave.works/technologies/gitops/ https://cloud.google.com/config-connector/docs/overview https://cloud.google.com/config-connector/docs/how-to/getting-started   “Tempting Time” by Animals As Leaders used with […]

Episode 186 – GitOps with Kelsey Hightower

  Lana Lux joined us to talk about Game Development with Unity. Lana is a UX Designer and Game Developer based in Toronto. Currently she’s working on Strain: An apocalyptic, pandemic survival game.   Links https://twitter.com/wtflanalux https://www.twitch.tv/lana_lux https://www.youtube.com/c/LanaLuxGames   Resources https://unity.com/ https://www.upwork.com https://www.artstation.com/ https://www.autodesk.com/products/maya/overview https://www.udemy.com/courses/development/game-development/   “Tempting Time” by Animals […]

Episode 185 – Game Development with Lana Lux

  Faheem Memon and Facundo Gauna join us to talk about transitioning into Cloud-Native (Kubernetes/Docker) as a .NET Developer. Faheem is a seasoned architect with hands-on experience in application engineering, cloud, containerization, automation, and mobile technologies. Facundo is a solutions architect specializing in Kubernetes on Azure.   Links https://twitter.com/faheem https://twitter.com/gaunacode […]

Episode 184 – Cloud Native with Facundo and Faheem

  Tanya is Founder & CEO at We Hack Purple Academy, Community and Podcast! She’s a Best-selling author of Alice and Bob Learn Application Security.   Links https://twitter.com/shehackspurple https://wehackpurple.com/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/tanya-janca/   Resources Alice and Bob Learn Application Security https://newsletter.wehackpurple.com/ https://owasp.org/ https://www.synopsys.com/blogs/software-security/sast-vs-dast-difference/   “Tempting Time” by Animals As Leaders used with […]

Episode 182 – Application Security with Tanya Janca