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  Allen is an internationally recognized software architect and consultant/trainer focusing on organizational agility. He helps people build software better & build better software. He’s available as a consultant to help your company with it’s agility.   Links   Resources #NoEstimates The Death of Agile Drive: […]

Episode 222 – Agile and Estimates with Allen Holub

  Nick is a Senior Engineering Manager for Developer Platform and Engineering Experience at He is a Microsoft MVP for developer technologies and a YouTube content creator, creating educational content on C# and .NET for developers of all skill levels.   Links   Resources […]

Episode 220 – .NET 6 & Minimal APIs with Nick ...

  Scott works at Microsoft on Visual Studio and .NET – Including .NET Core, .NET tooling, Languages, ASP.NET, Entity Framework and Web Tooling.   Links   Resources “Tempting Time” by Animals As Leaders used with permissions – […]

Episode 219 – .NET 6 with Scott Hunter