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  Swizec is a software engineer, instructor, blogger, vlogger, conference speaker, and author. He has trained the engineering teams from multiple Fortune 500 companies on React, Redux, GraphQL, Serverless, and other modern web technologies.   Links Resources Thinking in Bets Extreme Ownership “Tempting Time” […]

Episode 217 – The Senior Mindset with Swizec Teller

  Mads is a principal program manager on the Visual Studio Team and has published over 150 free Visual Studio extensions. He blogs about anything related to Visual Studio and extensibility, and is a home automation enthusiasts.   Links Resources […]

Episode 216 – Visual Studio 2022 with Mads Kristensen

  David is a Software Engineer, Mentor, Organizer, Volunteer, Speaker, Workshop Creator, and unabashed Career Changer, specializing in C# .NET, N-Tier and Microservice Architecture.   Links Resources Microservices Patterns “Tempting Time” by Animals As Leaders used with permissions – All Rights Reserved × Subscribe now! Never […]

Episode 215 – Rebuilding the Plane Mid-Air w/ David Merk