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Too often I hear, “the client won’t pay for unit tests” or “I don’t like writing tests”. Ok. If you can guarantee a high level of quality and productivity without tests, go for it. Sadly its these same individuals and teams that have devoted days, weeks, or entire sprints to fixing […]

Bugs Will Be Fixed on Your Time

Many of those who attend my presentations on How to be a Six Figure Developer are new to software development and struggling to find junior-level opportunities which will support personal and professional growth. The best job openings aren’t usually the ones that get posted to employment websites or sent to […]

6 Steps to a Great First Development Job

Angular Basics Angular is a JavaScript framework for building Single Page Applications (SPA). There are a few key concepts required to work with Angular including dependency injection, controllers, services, and directives. In the following sections I will provide an introduction to these concepts and some simple examples of each concepts […]

Angular Crash Course