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Recently I was asked why we spend so much time, effort, and energy discussing names on the 6 Figure Developer. Well, names matter. What’s in a name? Names are used to describe and define things. They’re used to communicate intent and meaning. Chances are, unless you’re an 80’s pop star […]

Names Matter, Pick Your Battles

Naming Code is a language, and as such it has parts of speech. Classes and variables are nouns and should be named as persons, places, or things. Methods or functions are verbs and should take an action. Booleans, this is inclusive of classes, variables, methods, and functions, are predicates and […]

6 Rules to Improve Your Code

Start early I started programming at a relatively young age. In 3rd grade we were given access to some Apple IIe computers. The curriculum mostly centered around outputting our names to the computer screen. Certainly nothing to write home about, but certainly fun for any 8 year old with limited […]

Advice to my younger self