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Teach others what you learn As developers, we have to retain a lot of knowledge. A new concept presents itself almost daily if we are active in our learning. You have probably learned several things that could help you to become a better developer and then simply forgot them within […]

Learn, Teach, Learn, Do

Nothing is more constant in business than change. This is particularly true with software development. While it’s true you can probably find a corporate job where you do the same small tasks day in and day out for 23 years. If you’re a true professional, a software craftsman, you’re constantly […]

Consistency is Key

What does that mean? No matter how good you are or how good you think you are, you can always improve. Sharpening your tools is about constant improvement; it’s the little things that you can do all the time that will enhance your current skills. Some of the techniques are […]

Sharpen Your Tools

My love of computers started at an early age. The magnet school program I was enrolled in for 4th and 5th grade had some Apple IIe computers. We were taught basic skills on the computer, including simple programs where we would print our names to the screen. My parents saw […]

How I Got Started