In his 14-year career as a technologist, Eric has been fortunate enough to help and lead companies and teams of all sizes build exceptional digital products. Formerly entrenched in the Microsoft and .Net ecosystem in the early part of his career, Eric is now a full believer and advocate […]

Episode 026 – GraphQL with Eric Nograles

  Davis Graham has taken a learning issue that kept him from getting an education and turned that around, empowering him to become educated using technology.   http://mygiftofdyslexia.blogspot.com/ https://twitter.com/davisgra https://www.linkedin.com/in/davis-graham-ms-in-hmi-6738a816/ “Tempting Time” by Animals As Leaders used with permissions – All Rights Reserved   × Subscribe now! Never miss a […]

Episode 019 – Gift of Dyslexia with Davis Graham

  Kenneth Truyers is a freelance .NET developer And Microsoft MVP. He’s Belgian, lives in Spain and works in London. He writes a blog about .NET, web technology and Microsoft Azure. In this episode we discuss Azure, Application Architecture, and Git as a NoSql Database! https://www.kenneth-truyers.net https://twitter.com/Kennethtruyers https://www.linkedin.com/in/kennethtruyers/ http://www.appyparking.com/ “Tempting […]

Episode 017 – Git as a NoSql Database w/ Kenneth ...