David Haney works at Stack Overflow as an Engineering Manager. He’s a craft beer enthusiast and loves supporting local breweries. David enjoys both retro and modern video games, table-top board gaming, and watching movies in old school one-screen theaters with his lovely wife. He also likes programming, but that’s […]

Episode 016 – Stack Overflow Architecture w/ David Haney

  Chris Hudson is Director of Release Engineering and Cloud CI/CD. He has worked for fortune 500 companies, startups, and mid-sized corporations. He brings experience, passion, and know-how to the table. He has a passion for helping businesses improve their processes. He enjoys helping businesses bring their products and services […]

Episode 015 – DevOps Best Practices with Chris Hudson

  Scott Addie is an avid blogger, a Telerik Developer Network Author, and a technical evangelist of the modern web. In addition he’s a senior content developer for the Microsoft ASP.NET Core content team. In this episode we discuss the latest and greatest with ASP.NET 2.0, new options and features, […]

Episode 014 – ASP.NET Core 2.0 with Scott Addie

  Greg Beamer is a Sr Software Architect for UST Global. His primary focus is on Enterprise Integrations, Software Delivery, Agile Practices, and Microservices. Greg has been involved in software for 20 years. He has spent time as a graphic artist, a film professional, and even has an entry in […]

Episode 013 – Microservices with Greg Beamer

  Steve Tingiris is a software guy turned entrepreneur. He’s the founder of Dabble Lab, Partner and Investor with Florida Funders, and Founding Board Member Tampa Bay WaVE.   × Subscribe now! Never miss a post, subscribe to The 6 Figure Developer Podcast! “Tempting […]

Episode 012 – Entrepreneurship with Steve Tingiris

A few years ago I was interviewing candidates to join our team. The interview was going well. The gentleman being interviewed was likable and answering questions well. When the subject of testing and test driven development came up he just rolled his eyes and said he hated testing. The interview […]

TDD: The Sign of a Mature Developer

  Jon Galloway is a member of the .NET Community Team and Executive Director of the .NET Foundation. We talk about the .NET Foundation, .NET Conf 2017, and new latest release of .NET Standard 2.0. We also spend some time talking about Razor Pages in ASP.NET Core! […]

Episode 011 – .NET Foundation with Jon Galloway

  Nancy Gaines is a productivity expert focusing on helping businesses scale and automate. She’s a best selling author and international speaker, as well as a global podcast host.   × Subscribe now! Never miss a post, subscribe to The 6 Figure Developer Podcast! “Tempting Time” by […]

Episode 010 – Business Productivity with Nancy Gaines

  Robert C. Martin (aka: Uncle Bob) is a software professional since 1970, Robert has spent the last 40 years contributing toward the betterment of the field, from kickstarting the Agile Alliance to authoring landmark books about Agile Programming, Clean Code, and more.   × Subscribe now! […]

Episode 009 – Future of Programming with Robert Martin

I’ve been thinking more and more about Test Driven Development in recent weeks. TDD is my preferred way to develop new applications, though I’m not as religious as some. I know that there are many that are still not convinced, and many more that are outright against the practice. (Read […]

Test Driven Development Is About Design